Sunday, 21 December 2014

Documented December - day Twenty One - Christmas Games

Thanks for joining me (Claire N)today, on the last Sunday before Christmas. How are your preparations going?
It's a very busy time of year for us all, so today is a quick share of my page documenting Christmas Games.
Games play a huge part in our Christmas entertainment, and each year Father Christmas leaves a new one for us all under the tree.

We usually start playing after dinner, at the table where we have space for sweets and cakes also. We don't take anything too seriously and we do get a bit rowdy, even when there is only the four of us. 
Our favourite last year was a game called 'Heads Up', where you have to guess what the card is that someone else chooses to put in your headband (or cChristmashat in my case above ..LOL!).
It was one of Stephens presents last year (he was 6) but it is surprisingly difficult.

Other favourites that always come out are Smallworld, Candyland, Logo Game, Marvel Superhero Monopoly.

What games do you have, are you very competitive, does everyone join in?

Remember to use the hastags #documenteddecember and #sarahhurley.

I'll be seeing you again a bit later on today where I will be sharing my first calendar project with you.


  1. Great page Claire, love the story about you all playing games! There are only the 2 of us here but a game of Monopoly is always indulged in at Christmas. The piccies are fab too xxx

  2. Thanks Carol, any games are good with any amount of people- as long as you have fun and a laugh xx