Thursday, 4 December 2014

Documented December - Day Four - Letter to Santa!

Day Four

Letter to Santa! Do your children write letters for Santa? What are you hoping for for Christmas? (it doesn't have to be gifts, maybe a relaxing day? someone to cook the dinner?) what did you used to wish for? how has it changed?

Now I'll hand over to Clare who'll be sharing her inspiration for today!...


So we are onto Day 4 already of our Documented December journey and I'm so loving it! Have you started your Documented December yet?

Today's topic is Santa's letters

The boys are still dithering about what they want from Santa this year so we haven't started our letters. But I do have a layout from last years Documented December which is a favourite of mine.

Sarah had kindly offered to send the boys Letters From Santa *cue stalk the postman*and keeping it a secret from the children was so difficult!

As soon as I saw the bright red envelopes pop through the letter box I knew exactly what had arrived. Down side was I now had to wait patiently until the boys came home from school, not an easy task might I

Both boys knew almost immediately that something was going on, normally it's shoes off, jackets off and school bags tidied away, a quick change of clothes then snack time, but not today.We have important letters to be opened first!

Well the  surprise on their faces when they got mail was just wonderful to see because it's not everyday they get mail never mind letters from Santa *coughs* Oh to be a kid again lol

Hats off to Santa he did a great job, so huge thankyou to Santa AGAIN!!

These letters are still available to purchase in Sarah's online shop here.

Tomorrow we have a little something for you all which I know you will just love!

Thanks for stopping by.

Clare x

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  1. Love the banner number and background. Susie x

  2. Oh my goodness if only I had young children again. I remember classic letters to Santa which were pages long, then just came the more commercial type of letter which were collages of images taken from the ads which came in the post - cutting and sticking style! Sad really. Love your layout and the fact that you still have this traditional naivety with your boys. xx