Friday, 12 December 2014

Documented December - Day Twelve - Christmas Recipes

Day Twelve

Christmas Recipes! Do you cook anything special for Christmas? Do you have family recipes that have been passed down that you use? When do you start to prepare the food for the day? Include a picture of one of your traditional recipes or the recipe itself!

Today I'm handing over to Claire to share her Christmas recipes...


I have many christmas recipes that I follow as tradition each year. The main one being for christmas cake. It is pure indulgence on my part, both in the consuming of, and as a memory of my childhood Christmas's. Now, since being married I am the only one who eats the christmas cake, fortunatly though with the huge amount of fruit, and a 'bit' of alcohol is lasts and lasts so I take take my time eating it. Its a similar case with mince pies, I don't buy shop bought ones, finding that they way too much sugar in the pastry for me. So I really love my pies with shortcrust pastry almost on the savoury side, and a really deep filling of minced meat.

However, I will be sharing more of those stories later on in December, and have opted to share with you today a super quick and super easy recipe for gingerbread.

I have written the recipe on the back of a tag, that fits into a little corner pocket within my album page.

We spent an evening at the beginning of December at a Gingerbread Workshop, and as a family we made the Gingerbread House that you can see on the front of the tag. It was a fab evening and one that we could all participate in. The boys had a great time, even my 13 year old, forgot his teenage ways and let his imagination run wild ...LOL!

All the papers are pre printed and I have used a mixture of Sarah's Christmas kits from this year and last year. Because of the colour palette Satah uses, collections from different times are able to co-ordinate

Amazingly we still the Gingerbread house, two weeks after first making it. I can tell you it is a major lesson in self control and patience on Tom's part (the said teenage) as his appetite has shot through the roof these last few months. Not sure how much longer it will last though, it may not last until I join you again with my next page....I'll keep you posted.

 Hopefully from the photos you can see that I have accented the designs with glitter, 

Thank you for joining us today. if you have any recipes that you stick to a Christmas time, please come and share.

Take care and see you soon x

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  1. How yummy. I can't remember the last time I had real Christmas cake as like you I'm the only one who eats it and I'd have absolutely no self control if I had one for myself. I'd love to make a gingerbread house though one day and you've really inspired me here. Thanks for sharing.