Saturday, 13 December 2014

Documented December - Day Thirteen - Christmas Wrapping

Day Thirteen

Christmas Wrapping! Are you great (or terrible!) present wrapper? do you match all of your paper and tags? do you disguise your presents to fool people? Take a picture of the presents under the tree.

Now I'll hand over to Jaine who will be sharing her Christmas Wrapping Inspiration...


Wrapping is one of those jobs I leave to the last minute.  In the past the presents have been wrapped on Christmas Eve with a glass of something tasty to help things along and the stockings filled ready for the morning. In our house presents never appeared under the tree until the girls came down on Christmas morning and they'd magically appeared overnight. As the girls became older and wiser a few gifts made it under the tree before hand but I still held on to the tradition of the main gifts and stockings on Christmas Eve.  I want to keep the magic alive for as long as possible and even though the girls are all grown up I think they appreciate it still.

For this layout I've turned to my Christmas journal once again. I'm at the end of it so the pages have a definite bend to them making it difficult to put anything along the right hand edge of the page. The tags were a wonderful find from Ikea where they have the most gorgeous wrappings and tags ever! 


No doubt I'll be wrapping again this year on Christmas Eve.

Jaine x

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  1. This is beautiful Jaine, traditions are fantastic at this time of year xx