Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Documented December - Day Ten - Christmas Shopping!

Day Ten

Christmas Shopping! Do you love Christmas Shopping or loathe it? Do you make an event of Christmas shopping or do it all online? What are the decorations like in your favourite place to shop? What is your favourite thing to shop for?

Now I'll hand over to Jaine who'll be sharing her inspiration for today!...

Christmas shopping?  I can't say I hate it but it stresses me out too much when I'm in the big shopping malls with no clue what I want and about a million people all doing the same thing. I end up doing most of my shopping on line. I can do it in my pj's with a nice glass of vino, have it wrapped, posted off and a little tag added all without any stress at all. Of course I do end up having to go at some point into the dreaded shopping centers for bits and bobs but so long as I've a list and I know where I'm going I'm ok.

It's a different matter though when it comes to the Christmas markets which I love but then I'm not looking for presents I'm going for the atmosphere and the Gluhwein more than anything.

When I do hit the shopping center though I like to stand back and really appreciate the decorations. They really like to go to town with their colour schemes and lights and each year they're put in early in time for St. Niklaus Tag which is on the 6th December.

It's the decorations for St Nick which I've chosen to document in my Christmas journal. I have a journal which I only work in at Christmas mainly because it has Kraft pages which look gorgeous with white, reds and silver.

Here's the layout with the picture of the St Niklaus decorations. I journal in this book in more of a Smash book style, sticking things down and leaving some of the Kraft background visible.

The tag holds my journaling and is hidden in this little bag.

I hope you liked my pages of inspiration. Come back tomorrow for another inspiring prompt.



  1. I love your layout and all the texture you've created x

  2. Your journal pages are brilliant jaine, love looking at them x