Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Documented December - Day Two - Trim the Tree!

Day Two

Trim the Tree! Is your tree artificial or real? do you have a favourite ornament? one that means a lot to you, maybe one made for you or a family heirloom? a colour scheme? what are your tree decorating traditions? Do you listen to Christmas music or drink hot chocolate while you decorate?

Now I'll hand over to Clare who'll be sharing her inspiration for today!...


Wow! did you see Claire's first post for Documented December  yesterday? I just loved her advent on the fireplace....so cute!

Today it's all about the tree or should I say the Christmas tree box!

As a child I loved decorating the Christmas tree with my mum, it was our 'thing'! Dad's job was to detangle and fix the lights which to me was just as important.

So when I had a family of my own I expected to follow on with the tradition. The boys and I decorating the tree and hubby sorting out the lights. Little did I know my two little boys had other ideas, if I'm honest I should have seen this coming. We all know how much children love boxes lol.

Here's what happened and still continues to happen in the Broon's hoose when it comes to trimming the tree!.....

I set the room up, music is on, Michael Buble of course hee hee,  there's a cheeky wee glass of wine for me (Rosie), hubby's got a beer and the boys have a non alcohol cocktail (J20). All boxes are scattered, even the cats are joining in being little rascals lol and the tree of course is standing proud in front of the lounge window. My face is beaming with excitement as we are about to decorate the tree.

I shout on the boys, they come racing down the stairs, I'm now even more excited because they sound as excited as me and then they..............jump in the Christmas tree box!!

I'm thinking it's ok they'll get bored, who was I kidding, they have no intention of helping. But hang on a minute why would they? They now have this HUGE box which turns into all sort of things, a dungeon, a boat, a castle and much much more. They are laughing and screaming, running and jumping, both having an absolute blast. I should point out the cats have now scampered off !lol

They continue to play with the box until bedtime while I decorate the tree. So it may not be the 'norm' and it wasn't what I had planned but it's just as much fun if not more and this is now become our 'thing' and I love that.

Here's this years layout of Lewis in our Christmas tree box.....

and here's a sketch I created, feel free to use it.

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to pop by again tomorrow for another December Daily post, this time by Susie.

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  1. Great story Clare, sounds similiar to my boys....only they don't get bored and want to decorate the tree at 100mph. Its exhausting and plays havoc with the closeted control freak within me, who likes things neat and tidy and symmetrical...LOL!!!!
    All good fun though and worth it in the end x

    1. you should put up a second tree for them to decorate ;-)