Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Documented December - Day Thirty - Clare's Year In Review

When I look back at 2014 I can honestly say it's been the most exciting and hard working so far!!
You might want to grab a cuppa, this post is looooooooooong lol

It all kicked off when Sarah asked me to become part of the Special Editions Stamp range, alongside the very talented Jaine. Never in my wildest of dreams could I have predicted this new and exciting adventure.

Here's a set from my latest release.....

Another highlight was going on a trip to London to spend a few day's with Sarah and B. Of course you can't be a tourist and not do tourist stuff, so on a whim we went on a boat cruise! It was the most fun ever, proper belly laughed which may have been ignited by a pre cruise cocktail ha ha!

Love this picture and one for my Documented 365 page for sure!!!

January saw the launch of the Sarah Hurley 365 Inspiration blog, showcasing Sarah's wonderful products. Here's just a few of my projects, some documented 365 and then some of my favourites.....

Documented 365

Doodle Dolls

Documented December

Charm Street Cuties

Clare Brown - Special Editions

December saw the latest release of the Look book. I always get giddy with excitement when this comes out as we don't share our projects beforehand so it's a wonderful surprise for us all.

 2015 is looking to be even better!

January see's the launch of our calendar projects where you can download the free template and share your projects with us.

Here's mine

As for what else we have planned you will just have to wait and see! lol

So that's all from me for now.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Clare x


  1. Wow, it's certainly been a big year for you! Hope 2015 is just as successful and fun! x