Sunday, 7 June 2015

Pom Pom Pets,Crafting with Kids

Hi There!
I've been looking forward to sharing with you today this little Pom Pom pet, going by the name of 'Mr Lovebird' in Sarah's shop, and 'Fluffy' in our home. Sarah's has a range of these Pom Pom Pets as part of her 'World of Imagination' Range of products, 

'where the sky is sky blue pink, the grass is glittery green and gum drops grow among the flowers. In your World of Imagination you can be anything you want to be, just grab your ticket and get ready for a trip to the fantastical world of make believe!'

Continuing on with the theme that saw us celebrate International Children's Day on 1st June, I (Claire N) thought it was an ideal time to show you that these kits are perfect for you and your little ones to craft along with together.
This was very much a joint project, and you can see from the photo's that my youngest (age 7) had a good go at getting this Pom Pom pet started.

I'm sure some of you will be familiar with the fact that the attention span of the youngsters can wane a little, and this is where, as a parent you can step in to offer a helping hand and speed the project along a bit.
I remember making pom-poms at this age too (though to be honest I cannot for the life of me remember why! I think I just made them because I could). These kits of Sarah's offer a much more sophisticated method of making, by supplying (in the kit) a plastic ring, to wind the wool round. I used to use roughly cut cardboard rings made from cereal boxes, did you?

Full instructions are provided in each kit, and once you get going it all comes flooding back. So, for that reason I haven't provided any instructions. I did want to offer you these photos though at key stages in the making process, to act as reminders or prompts along the way as points of reference (especially the newbies to pom-pom making).

The photo below on the left is how the pom poms looks, just as they are made, because you see from the finished photo (very top, and with Stephen below on the right) that it looks much 'neater'. The last job (before gluing on eyes, feet etc) is to give your Pom Pom pet a 'hair cut'. It is much easier to use the sharpest pair of scissors you own and trim the long rogue wool strand initially, before moving on the clipping very tiny amounts all over to even up the shape. It is very easy  to get very enthusiastic, and take too much off - so remember, 'less is definitely best' in this instance.

 I have a 13 (nearly 14) year old son also, and he was intrigued with the process of making this little cutie, and you wouldn't believe how tricky it was to get this little fluffy fella back to photograph for you to see...LOL!

If you have the opportunity to craft with youngsters I would urge you to take it, it is so much fun, and the look on their faces when they have achieved their goal is worth every minute.

Thank you so much for joining me today, I look forward to sharing my next project with you x


  1. These are gorgeous and such fun to make. I remember the old cardboard circles, very difficult once you got down to a small hole and a bigger ball of wool to push through. So much more practical now with the plastic rings.

    1. You're right Jaine, it stumped me for a bit I have to say how to get the bigger ball of wool through a small hole..... Haha.....soon got my brain in gear though

  2. Your pompom pet is so cute! I remember my attention waining with my cereal box rings too.....your son has done well! x

  3. Your pompom pet is so cute! I remember my attention waining with my cereal box rings too.....your son has done well! x