Thursday, 7 August 2014

Pencils, stamps.......and Peace

Hi there, Claire back with you today, with a little insight as to how I created my cards to welcome in the challenge this month.

Grabbing time during the school holidays to craft is tricky, but these little 4x4 inch cards take no time at all, and I was fortunate to have an hour to myself today when all the boys decided to go out and run errands.
I admire those who can draw, and I love that sketchy look that some can create on their cards by either drawing their own focal point, or  being able to colour with pencils in a sophisticated non-child like way.
I however am no artist, but I think I can sort of manage with watercolour pencils and a waterbrush.

So I hope that I can encourage those of you out there who think the same way.....have a go, at this technique and see what you can come up with.
I will talk you through how I created this second set of cards.

1) The backgrounds are created by using watercolour pencils and a waterbrush onto small pieces (3x3") of watercolour paper.
I chose 4 colours, to use across the set, and used 3 colours on each card. 'Scribble' the colours across the watercolour paper. This first layer I laid down lightly because I wanted a subtle colour, and I know my pencils really intensify when I add water.

2) Take the water brush and go over the pencil lines and you will see the colour pop. Continue adding water and moving the colours about until you are happy with how it looks.

3) I'm a little bit obsessed with Sarah's new Zentangle stamps at the minute, and reach for them each time I sit at my desk. I stamped them also onto watercolour card with momento ink (London fog).
To colour them I applied the lighter shades directly to the image iteslf. But because the blues and teals are so intense, and I lack the confidence in controlling the colour, I took an off cut of paper and used it as a palette. By adding water you can pick up the colour from one place and take it to another ie. the image you want to colour. This then meant that the blue on the images was able to blend better with the paler colours.

4) When all layers and images on the watercolour paper are dry you can layer them onto the base card, and finish off with a sentiment and embellishments of your choice.

I didn't want to go traditional, and thought these little cards were perfect to showcase some of the thoughts and words that Sarah has running through her stamp sets.
Here is a list of the stamp sets I have used, and the links to each of them in the shop.
Zendoodle Nature Stamp Set
Butterflies Stamp Set
Dream a Little Dream Girl Stamp Set

To create my challenge cards, right at the top of the page, all I done was draw the patterns and apply the initial pencil lines onto the watercolour card, before going in with the water brush.
Hopefully you will have been inspired to have a go.


  1. Love this Claire, the colours are gorgeous! Love the zendoodle stamps with them too xx