Monday, 25 August 2014

The Little Book of #Dogstagram

Hello there, how are you?
Happy Bank Holiday Monday!!

It's Claire S here with a mini book, I don't usually do mini books, I tend to get stuck about half way through, I think I've got about 7 unfinished ones knocking about somewhere, but last year Sarah sent me one of her daybooks and I thought, "oooh", then I thought "aah" an idea had formed, then I thought, "I need photos" so that was that for a while, anyhow, a couple of weeks ago I had all of the photos I needed so I grabbed my big box of Sarah stash and got to work and here it is....

Bailey's #dogstagram Book....

I wanted to keep a similar style throughout the book so that it all went together well, so for each page I used a small amount of Sarah's patterned papers, a selection of journaling cards from Sarah's kits and her Everyday Sayings stamp set...

I also wanted to use my Instagram photos of Bailey so that all the photos would be the same size and shape (I really do have OCD issues lol)
The journaling on each page tells the story from Bailey's point of view, and he thought that "I'm Bailey the Dog & this is my story" was a good place to start.
Bailey was pretty befuddled on his first day in his new home, which is to be expected and he was only 8 weeks old but he was very interested in what was going on, he couldn't work out what the squeaky burger was all about though... "my first day in my new home, my new family have given me a burger that squeaks"

I can't believe how tiny he was in that doggy bed, within weeks he'd outgrown it then chewed it to pieces., He was also the same size as his bear - which has since been chewed to pieces. 
I've used various stickers and Thickers for my titles on all of the pages.

As you can see in the next picture this puppy likes to sleep, he found a spot in the corner by my chair - "I found a quiet corner to curl up and snooze in, I was snoozing in mums knitting bag on the cardigan she was knitting but she moved the bag so I couldn't climb into it anymore" And the the sneaky boy made himself at home on the sofa.

This next page is one of my favourite pages in the album, these are 2 of my top ten Bailey photos and the "For the love of Bacon" stamp is pretty appropriate, although I do know that it wasn't bacon he'd just eaten. The journaling reads " I don't know what that was I just ate, but it sure was tasty"

The naughty pup also has a thing for peoples slippers, these ones belonged to Hubs (please note use of the word belonged - the slippers have since been chewed to pieces - there seems to be a theme here) 
One thing Bailey is good at is posing, but he refuses to look at the camera... "I will sit like a good boy whilst you take my photo but I'm not going to look at the camera"

I hope you've enjoyed browsing through my mini book, I'll be back with the second half of it on 31st August.
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon.

Claire xx


  1. oh Claire, this is the cutest book. Thanks for sharing Bailey with us x

  2. Fabulous album Claire.
    Toni xx

  3. OMG. I just love this Claire!!! How cute is Bailey?xx

  4. Gorgeous Claire - love it - and all the instagrams :)