Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Little Book of #Dogstagram Part 2

Hello there! Claire S back again here with the second part of my #Dogstagram book.

The book I've used is one of Sarah's Daybooks, and I've used a selection of all of the papers and journaling cards from Sarah's AFOMFT kits, along with her Everyday Sayings stamps. The photos in the book are all Instagram prints and the book is all about Bailey my badly behaved ginger Labrador (his fur is very ginger now he's older, these photos are from 2013 when he was still a pup)

Bailey seems to like to lie in front of my craft desk, he likes to help, but in reality I can't get to the desk "Hey Mum, can I help you in the studio today? I promise I won't slobber on anything and I'll watch where my tail is wagging"
And on the next page the walk around the park was obviously enough, he was fast asleep in the front seat of the car before we got home.

Caught again with the shoes! Grampa's this time, thankfully these ones didn't get chewed to pieces...yet!
Bailey wasn't to keen on the snow either "What's all this cold stuff? My tail is froze, my little paws are froze and my nose is froze....brrr chilly!"

Bailey likes playing hide and seek, especially when he's chewing on something he shouldn't be, the thing is, it's not easy to hide when your a huge ginger dog, but I did finally get a picture of him chewing something that he was allowed to chew... a large doggy bone.

Bailey does have a tendency to follow me around, he hides in the cupboard under my desk, and runs off with my dressing gown "Erm, oh, is this your dressing gown? Sorry Mum, I thought it was mine. It's pretty snuggly though."

There are also times he thinks he's a cat, he has a real thing for balls of yarn "Hi mum, I found this ball of wool, will you teach me to knit please?" And after a long day doing doggy stuff what more could a tired dog want than to curl up on the sofa...

This final page is my favourite one, the first photo is Bailey chilling out on the conservatory floor, trying to cool off after a walk. 
The second photo? Well, I'll let Bailey tell you about that one "Hehehe,I pinched mums camera and took a couple of selfies, wonder what mum will say when she finds them on her phone teehee!"

And there you have The Little Book of Bailey. I found this one quite easy, mainly as all of the photos were the same size and all of Sarah's papers co-ordinate beautifully even though they're all from different kits. I started the book by sticking my papers and photos in first and then added the doodling and journaling, Finally came the stamping, stickers and Thickers for titles, I was going add embellishments but the book was so thick by this point so I thought I'd leave it as it was. It's a fab little book and a great record of all his mischievous puppy days, I'm sure I'll forget just how much trouble he was when he was a pup (I always do lol)

Thanks for stopping by today, keep checking back for inspiration from all of the team and we've got our new challenge coming up later this week, so stay tuned :)

Hope to see you soon.

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  1. What a super little book. I love doggy photos and layouts and this allows you to showcase loads of cute pictures in such an easy way xxxxx