Saturday, 2 August 2014

Making envelopes

Hi everyone!

It's Sharon here and I'd like to spread my love of snail mail. I've always had a thing for writing letters and what could be better than receiving a letter that isn't a bill. But of course, to get a letter you have to send one!

I've recently started making my own envelopes so I thought I'd post one here. Please excuse the quality of the photos-my camera's taking an unscheduled break and I've had to use my phone!

First of all I chose my paper from one of my A Few of my Favourite Things kits, cut it to the size I wanted (7.5 by 7.5 inches) and used my scoreboard envelope guide to score the lines.

Next I cut away the little half squares that form on the edges where the score lines cross.

You don't have to round the corner edges but I think it gives a nicer finish so out came my favourite corner rounder!

Then I folded up the sides and and scored them to bend them into place!

I completely forgot to take photos of the doodle doll I made to decorate the envelope. First of all I made a collage of used stamps and stamped my lovely Wish Upon a Star girl onto it. Then I cut out the dress and the wings. I stamped her again on plain card and stuck the dress and wings onto her. I coloured her face, hair and shoes with promarkers but you can see the slight mess I made of her hair as I'd got a bit of medium on her when I stuck her to the envelope and the marker wouldn't work over it. Note to self-colour before sticking next time!

I can only think of one person to send her to!

I love making my own envelopes as I think it gives a lovely personal touch to my mail and I'd love to see what you do with yours!

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