Friday, 14 March 2014

Discover.........Sarah's Stamps

Hello and welcome to Friday. Its Claire N. back with you again. Do you remember my last post where  I introduced you (and myself actually!) to a novel way of documenting and journalling your treasured collection of unmounted stamps? 

Well I thought I would continue in that vain, and showcase  another 4 sets of Sarah's stamps

So I took a few supplies, not many because I want the stamps to be the focus. I made the conscience decision to use 2 main colours (black & mustard yellow) with an accent of turquoise blue.  

Again, I'm sure you are all familiar with this sort of storage, and would agree that it is not always that easy to determine what the stamps are. 

My motivation to continue with the journal I must admit was the next two available pages in Sarah's day journal - I'm afraid I have to confess to being a dedicated lover of beige, in all its elegant glory!!! (how many of you are with me ?)  The right side page is lined like a copy book, and again provides a perfect background, particularly for these graphic styled stamps.

You can see from the close up photos here that I have layered many of the stamps together, and altered the intensity of their print by using the second generation of ink. By that I mean the first impression of the image I stamp onto scrap paper, then make a second print onto my art work. The intensity of the ink is taken away, and allows a subtler impression of the image.

The only dimension on this right hand side, is the addition of the stamped letters. I colour tinted some paper with antique linen distress ink (i didn't have the right tone of beige to match) and then stamped out the title 'Sarahs Stamps' using Sarah's Block & Outline Alpha Stamps. I then cut out each letter (not particularly carefully) and then glue them flat to the page. To make then appear 3D, I used the grey promarker to highlight underneath again.

You will see, particularly withe the thick zigzag stamp here, I have stamped it twice. Once in black, and secondly in yellow. I then took a grey promarker (ice grey 2) and draw a line on all the left hand sides of the zig zag, this gives the illusion of shadow and dimension to an otherwise flat page.

 I had made this tag with the intention of using it on the page, but changed my mind (hehehe...hands up who hasn't done that either !!! LOL!)
It was too cute to disappear into the abyss of my bit box, so I turned it into a little bookmark with the youngest son's name on. He is 6 and has just discovered that reading isn't just confined to books in class or bedtime, so he now reads EVERYTHING  everywhere!!! where ever we are, so I'm sure he'll be chuffed to bits to use it in his favourite book of the week.

Thanks for visiting, remember we have a brilliant post everyday here from the rest of the team. I'm off to decide on my next set of stamps to catalogue for you. xxx


  1. This is fab Claire, LOL @ Stephen reading everywhere I am sure he will love his tag :) x