Monday, 24 February 2014

Using mists.........

Hi creative peoples,

Natalie here with a tutorial (can I call it that?!?) on different effects with mists. 

I've used one of Sarah's mists (bought a loooong time ago) but obviously you can use any mist :) 

Now, before I start there aren't any creations.........the final product will be part of tomorrow's post :D 

I love blocks of colour!

To achieve this effect you will need: 

A pizza box 
(Or outside) 
Ink spray 

You need to hold the spray at least 2cm away from the card and just go crazy and spray!! 

I like this technique as I can stamp on it, stencil on it, draw on it, emboss on it or even have a fine sprinkling of glitter stuck down with spray adhesive. 

I leave it flat to dry to avoid full curling but you can use a heat gun. 

Beware this will get you very messy :D 

Spray and drip!

This technique I achieved by holding the spray approximately 5cm away from the card and spraying repeatedly (about 5 times) in the same place. I held the card up and let the drips fall. I gently tapped the card against the cardboard box which created the spatter drips. 
Once dried, again, it's easy to stamp on, stencil on and is quite a nice effect. 

Slight spray

This effect I love , particularly when using a variety of colours! 

The trick to this spray is to go outside with a pizza box and spray from a distance of approximately 10cm. You'll get a fine mist produced which gently covers the card. 

This is all about confidence. There is no right and wrong when it comes to misting and spraying and there are no rules...except getting messy!!  So have a try on scrap paper and play around. Don't give up and don't worry what others will think! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment from me ....... :) in the mean time crack out your mists and sprays. 

Nat xx

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  1. Thanks Nat, I have mists at the ready.....just need a big helping of confidence x