Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Hi! It's Sharon here again.
This last two weeks have passed by in a haze of night duty,migraines and a dose of teenager!Add to that a dodgy internet connection,a printer out of ink,running out of card and three weeks til pay day and crafting feels almost impossible!
I have a few catch up letters to send so I turned to the Snip 'n' Stick cards from Sarah's A Few of my Favourite Things kits. These were perfect for a few quick notelets and satisfied my crafting urge until pay day and supplies!

Thank you card

Hello notelet

Perfect for a quick note to my brother!

 Hi Mum

Note to friend wishing for a lottery win!

I really enjoyed making these and love the clean and simple look. Snip 'n' Stick- can't recommend them enough!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous Sharon, love the simplicity of them - really shows off the snip and stick elements perfectly. We all need those quick 'makes' don't we? xxx