Wednesday, 26 February 2014

using mists part two.....

Nat here with the second instalment of using mists.....and today stencils!! 

Here is what I created with those scraps if card I misted on...all except the drippy mist out for that in future creations. 

It's small but fits in my project life mash up of folders. And is almost a perfect start to project life :) 

The background started with a fine orange mist. I sprayed some pink mist and let the hose leave some drip spatter. 

 I used the long colour block strip to doodle and cut a shape. I used Sarah's lattice background stamp and stamped a pattern onto the card. My next trick is to use one of Sarah's stencils - I picked the chevron - and instead of layering up texture paste I spread on paint! 

Yes, it's a works though :D 

I can't leave paint wastage is I used the remainder of the colour block scrap and flipped the stencil to print the rest of the paint. 

Watch out for that piece in another project too!! 

I finished the background using Sarah's circle stencil and blue paint...a nice contrast to the orange. 

So there we go, I look forward to seeing you joining in the challenges and using some mists!! 

Nat x

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