Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sarah Hurley Butterflies Nail Art!

Good morning everyone, hope you are well :-) I am here with one of my favourite discoveries using my craftiness with my love of nail art with Serif software, Sarah's Curio kit and some Inkjet Water-slide printer paper. I love nail art and have used water transfers before so I wondered if I could work out how to do my own and this is the result, I am very pleased :-) I used Serif software to play with sizing of the butterflies, and printed onto plain paper to test as the water-slide paper costs a lot more so you have to be ready to print without wasting it! Once I had my sizing right I printed onto the water-slide paper. I then varnished twice with acrylic varnish to make sure the ink wouldnt run when I placed the transfers in the water ready to apply. I left for 24 hours to dry. Then painted my nails a block colour which suited the transfer and did two coats. I had a shallow container with warm water and sorted the transfers into two size piles (I had four large, and six smaller) so I didnt mix them up by accident. I then put the large transfers in the water for 30 seconds, and used a top coat to make the nail surface tacky so it would cling to the nail. I followed this for all ten nails, and then painted a thick layer of top coat over the transfers. Then I added white polka dots with a nail art pen. Lastly I added another layer of top coat. All done!

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