Thursday, 12 June 2014

Stamp storage

Hi, Claire N with you once again.

Don't forget we still have our BLOG HOP running where we are introducing you to Sarah's new products launch in her 'World of Imagination'

 I wanted to pick up from a previous post, where I altered the way I store the 'AFOMFT' kits Sarah sends out monthly. The next thing I wanted to tackle, and share with you, was storage of the little exclusive one off stamps Sarah includes with the kits. You may recall that I have previously shared with you how I have begun storing my clear stamps. So what I have done here is to take all the individual stamps, stamped them for reference on a piece of card (labelled the month they were issued, can't help a wee bit of organisation!) and then placed them on the plastic page of my stamp binder. I now have an easy visual prompt card, to sit along side the page in the binder, and ready to choose to use for the next project.

It is a method of storage I have adopted for all of my clear stamps. You can see from the photos, that as wonderful as the pages are for storing the stamps, because they are clear, it is not that easy to see the detail.
What I have taken to doing, as soon as a new set of Sarah's stamps are delivered, I stamp them directly onto the backing card that is part of the packaging. It recycles and makes use of the gorgeous duck egg compliment sheet that will remind you of all Sarah's details.

One neat tip is that I don't even remove them from the backing plastic, this way i know that they will fit exactly onto the card. Just ink, pick up the whole sheet and place gently on the card, use you r largest acrylic block to ensure a good impression, then gently remove the whole sheet.

I have catalogued all of Sarah's stamps in one of these folders, it is so easy to flick through the double sided pages. You can see above how I have managed to arrange the stamps on the page in relation to the reference cards I have prepared.

I even have a page dedicated to Jaine's special edition sets, and set aside a page for Clare Browns robots & fairies too.

If you have any good storage ideas, I'd love for you to share with us (plus we always love a bit of a nosy into other crafters craft paces too don't we :-)
Take care, thanks for visiting. 


  1. This is so cool, I'm absolutely going to do this for mine and take them out of the box. Love it.xx

  2. This looks amazing Claire, I am ashamed mines are in a box...though it is a pretty box lol xx