Monday, 19 May 2014

Funky Art Dolls.

I absolutely love the Art Doll Mermaid stamp set as it has so many possibilities. Some really cool looking art dolls can be made easily with all the parts being completely separate.

Here I've created two, one in card and one other in shrink plastic.

I stamped the doodle flower from the last monthly kit to add something pretty to her body and drew stripes on the legs so I could give her stripy leggings.

Here she is with washers through the holes and small jewelry rings to pull the parts together. I also punched some holes around the head to add some curly wool giving her the frizzy hair-do. Her head is fixed on with a narrow piece of card.

Here's her little friend, and I mean little. She's not for the faint hearted. The parts were extremely small making it a very fiddly job indeed. I'm not sure I'll repeat the process in a hurry but she is cute.

Here they are together so you can compare the size.

Have fun and if you create your own art doll I'd love to see.

Jaine x


  1. These are brilliant Jaine, I can see you had real fun with these x

  2. Great project Jaine, you can really move those hands and legs for different movements

    1. That's the really cool thing about that stamp set.

  3. I love these Jaine, love the hair on the shrink plastic one :D

  4. absolutely love them and they look like so much fun to make.