Friday, 18 April 2014

It's almost Easter.

Hi, it's Carol here this Good Friday and I thought I would make something to reflect the time of year it is.

 I was lucky enough to be treated to a Cameo electronic cutting machine a few months ago and I still have the new machine "fear" and realised I really had to use it rather than just download lots of Sarah's yummy files.

I thought I would make a card using one of Sarah's new designs and chose the  Easter Page Mat. When you open in onto your "Drawing Area" it opens as a 12"x12", but that is easily sized down and I will try and explain how I did that.

I wanted to use a 6"x6" card, so decided to make the cut out 5.5", to do this I selected the whole image, clicked on the Scale tool, typed in 5.5" and ticked the lock aspect option.  It resized it perfectly to leave me with this. 

I was feeling confident, so decided I wanted to layer the cut out, and knew I could do it easily using the Offset tool.  I wanted it to just have a nice frame, so chose 0.1" as my Internal Offset. The result was this;

You may be wondering why I am working on the right hand side of the page...this next step will explain that. I clicked on the internal image, and dragged it over to the left of the page. That way I could do the two cuts on one pass through, and use two separate colours of card;

I sent them to the Cameo to cut, then went about picking out matching backing paper and some sparkly bits. Et voila, here is the finished card...taaa daaaah!!


I hope this shows that once you overcome the new machine fear, you can have lots of fun making pretty things. 

Remember there is still time to enter our challenge, the theme is Stitching - Real or Faux.

Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend, and a lovely Easter, Carol xx

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