Saturday, 14 February 2015

Altered agenda

There's a real trend right now in altering agenda's and the good old Filofax is back. Actually I've never stopped using one, I'm a real 80's babe. I love the latest trend though in personalizing it and treating each day/week like a mini pocket page planner.

I was overjoyed when I found this planner in my local store. It's just what I was looking for with clear pockets to hold things and spaces for notes etc. but it needed the personal touch.

That's where I turned to my Sarah Hurley supplies, papers, stamps and embellishments. I had great fun in decorating the front and you may think  'that's not going to last too long knocking about in her handbag', the book does come with a clear plastic front cover which I flipped over for the photo.

My book already came with a band around it but it would be so easy to add one to your own book. I love the page tabs hanging out marking sections.

I used my Real Life Daily stamp set throughout.

Are you using a planner or agenda?

Jaine x


  1. Looks fab! I always use my phone calendar, my filofax (less now, though) and lots of lists!!!!!! Susie x

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  3. This is great Jaine, was even prettier in real life xx