Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year, new stamps, new journal page.

Oh my goodness there is nothing nicer than starting a brand new year with a brand new journal and I have a few lined up and ready but I've still a few pages in my big Moleskin which is very precious to me, so even though cracking open a new one is very tempting I've gone back to the old faithful.

A big reason for doing this was I wanted to test out my new background stamp on a large area. This is the stamp I wanted to try out, It's called Pebbles and I adore it

I did use it already on the calendar page for January but I wanted to test it out in repeating across the page.

After colouring my background with a grungy grey colour, I stamped the pebbles with black Versafine ink to cover the page. To stop it looking too much like a pattern I turned it upside down and stamped in landscape mode once too. There are a few gaps and if I'd thought about it I could have taken a black fine liner pen and drawn a few rough stones in to fill the gaps.

With that done, to turn it into a journal page, I decided to turn to an all time favourite technique of mine, silhouetting. All you need is a handful of images cut from fashion magazines.

I chose which one I wanted and roughly cut her out whilst also taking a piece of inky paper from a previous play session. I glued her onto the reverse of this inky piece of paper and then cut around her.

It's best here to use small scissors and cut as much detail as possible, go in after with a craft knife to get into the really tricky bits. The more detail you can cut out the better the silhouette.

Here she is on my background. The pebbles have created places to add some words and journaling.

I cut the title out again because I didn't like the way the black sat on the grey page so I just did it again and placed it over the top slightly away so the black would become a shaddow.

Have a good crafty year everyone.

Jaine x