Monday, 30 March 2015

Blog Planning Fun

Hi All,

It is Nicole here to share a fun project I created to keep my blogging on track for scheduled posts!
I used the blog planner printable kit from Sarah Hurley that you can find for FREE here. This kit is so useful and you have seen some of the rest of the team using it in such creative ways. I have taken a bit of a different approach though as I work digitally a lot of the time so here is my take.

I started off using a sheet of wood grain paper from the Woodland Wonders in the Woods kit. I added the month and blog topic brainstorm onto this. My page is A4 so I can print a new one easily every month.

I then took some elements from the kit and embellished it a bit. I didn't embellish too much as I wanted to leave myself with a lot of space to write in notes for the brainstorming of ideas. I just wanted to add a little decoration though!

Here is a month roughly filled in as a sample of how it works. You can see I still have lots of space to add in more information about other projects. I tend to write rough outlines about my projects anyway so they will never be full essays on the page!

I created all of this in Photoshop, but you could use any other program, or ever just do it proper crafty style! I hope you enjoyed this idea on how to use the free Sarah Hurley printables. If you decide to use them let us know and show us how you are using them!


  1. Love this Nicole, it's a cute way to get organised x

  2. That looks great and good to show working digitally x