Sunday, 25 July 2010

Challenge 1

I made a chevron style card. Using the steel grey and Sagey / Olivey Green I made a background of Sky and Grass. I then used the rabbit digi stamp from Woodland Whimsies and coloured him in using the petrol blue promaker, cut him out and detached him on the card, using a paper springy, so he can hop about it!!!. I then printed another rabbit onto shrink plastic, also coloured him with the petrol blue, and made a little necklace, which I also detached on to the card as a gift. I also printed the hot air balloons, and coloured one in petrol blue, and the other in sky blue promakers. I I used petrol blue and silver gems to jazz the chevrons up, And inserted some mirror board inside. So you can see the mirror board through the chevrons.